A blustery day on the LakeM

A blustery day on the LakeM
A blustery day on the Lake

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Mountains Fall to the Lake

Yesterday we arrived in Varenna....a little village perched halfway up the east side of Lake Como. Imagine a lake about the size of Lake Champlain, shaped like a child. The southern part, two legs, the northern part, the body. Varenna is just above where the legs join the body. The cobbled paths run parallel and perpendicular to the lake....steep, steep and very steep, but well
Iit at night. Yesterday was our first rainy day since arriving in September, but a little rain didn't stop us from heading out to explore the village. Today we woke to crisp and sunny conditions. The wind was howling down the lake from the north. It reminded us of home! We spent the morning at the Villa Cipressa Botanical Garden. Terraced paths wind around and down the cliff below the villa. The plantings date back to the early 1800s and include magnolia, wisteria, hisbiscus, bamboo, pomegranate, agave and much more.

Mid day we bought some salami, bread and cookies and hopped the fast ferry to the northern most part of the lake.... a little town called Colico. The town has had a rough time surviving.....a crossroads for invading armies, and often decimated by malaria or the plague. Now it is a great place to camp, hike and sail. The views from the ferry were nothing less than spectacular. Here we are looking into Switzerland.

Later in the day we met a very interesting couple from Western Australia. They have been traveling for a few months....they began in North America and then in Europe. They are spending three weeks in Varenna....so very lucky. We, of course, exchanged emails and addresses....just in case we ever get to Australia...... Here is a picture of Varenna from the water.

And the high speed ferry.....

Did I mention that this is the place to see beautiful villas? Tomorrow we are taking the ferry to Bellagio......famous home of the rich and famous. We are also hoping to hike the mountain behind Varenna to visit the village castle where they raise and train raptors. We are hoping to be there for the flight demonstration late in the day.

Location:Varenna, Italy

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