A blustery day on the LakeM

A blustery day on the LakeM
A blustery day on the Lake

Friday, October 7, 2011

Into the Wild.....of Sardegna

Paolo informed us this morning that he is taking us to all of places he loves in Sardegna. We have seen the most spectacular coastline, beautiful aqua water and lovely villages perched on cliffs. Sardegna is a rugged, mountainous island with an incredible assortment of environments.. From steep rocky mountains, fertile valleys, beautiful harbors and even vast wetlands.

Today though, we went into a truely wild area. If you have a map of Sardegna, look for a town on the east side called Tortoli. Then look north for a headland called Capo di M. Santu. The adventure really began north of a little village nearby called Baunei. We drove up a winding, switchback road until we saw a breathtaking view of the sea far below. We picniced in the yard of a little church called Chiesa de Santo Pietro, next to ancient olive trees. Take a look at our companions.

After lunch, the real fun began. Our goal......15 kilometers or 10 miles down a washed out road.....to a beautiful bay called Cala Sisine. This was off road travel at its finest, steep and winding switchbacks, ancient olive and oak trees, as well as surprising bursts of oleander bushes, wild pigs, donkeys and goats grazing along side the road. The top edges of the canyon seemed to touch the sky and we could see many caves and holes worn into the cliffs. Trees grew seemingly out of the steep cliffsides and we even saw a wild mooton or mountain goat. The track crossed back and forth over a dry streambed and we kept going. No cell service in this place for sure ! Finally the road ended and we parked our suv alongside 2 other off road rigs. We hiked the rest of the way, perhaps 3 kilometers along the streambed. A falcon soared overhead and the canyon disappeared around the next bend. Then, around the next corner, the sea appeared, beautifully blue and inviting.

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