A blustery day on the LakeM

A blustery day on the LakeM
A blustery day on the Lake

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Home to Vermont

We arrived home just in time for Halloween. Here are Ava and Griffin dressed up as a Fall Fairy and Charlie Chipmunk. Maia worked for days on these costumes! Oh my, it was great to hug our kids and grandkids again.

The weather has been beautiful, cool and crisp days on the lake with the last of the fall colors sparkeling in the sun. We have been busy with fall chores, cleaning out my gardens and stacking wood.

It is wonderful to sleep in our own bed ....but we were getting pretty good at living out of a suitcase. As we slip back into our normal routines, we find ourselves missing our daily adventures and life in our little Italian village. We will be in Vermont for the next few months hoping to find an Italian language instructor so that next year, when we return, we might even be able to carry on a conversation with our Italain neighbors.

Our next adventure begins in January when we begin our travels west to Utah to spend time with Sarah and her family. Imagine driving west in the middle of winter! We are sure to have many adventures to add to this blog. Then in March, we plan to head south through Arizona, New Mexico, along the Gulf Coast through Texas, Louisiana, and finally end up in the Florida Keys. Our plan is to be back in Vermont around May 1st, just in time to plant my garden. I'm thinking we might become gypsies! So check back towards the end of January when I might be blogging from a snowdrift in South Dakota.

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