A blustery day on the LakeM

A blustery day on the LakeM
A blustery day on the Lake

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Can you teach an aging woman new skills or an old dog new tricks...

In preparation for our plans to immerse ourselves in Italian culture, I have been studying Italian using the famous "Rosetta Stone" computer program. I must say that I have learned a lot of useful phrases and can now say things such as I am hungry, I need ....., and innumerable essential words. During the day, I listen to an audio companion to the program that I have loaded into my iPod. Frankly, I'd rather be listening to my music but I feel compelled to cram as much vocabulary into my head as possible before our departure date on September 1st. For the past month I have woken up at my usual 2 am only to be muttering some Italian word or phrase. The language is at times incredibly beautiful with words such as ascoltare...to listen (remember to pronounce every letter). At other times the words seem perfect for the occasion. For example, puzzo which translates into... A foul odor or really stinky in American. For all the practicing though, I have to acknowledge that I still really couldn't carry on a real conversation with an honest to goodness Italian. At the age of 62, I survive by writing important reminders on little notes and taping them to the visor in my car or above my sink. Retention is not my strength these days so I am beginning to have nightmares about arriving in Italy and not remembering a single word. Maybe I should write important words on the palm of my hands like I used to do for my 10th grade Latin tests.

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